The UK Government introduced a tranche of new trade sanctions against Russia on 21st April through The Russia (Sanctions) (EU Exit) (Amendment) Regulations 2023.

The sanctions prohibit the export, supply and delivery, and making available to, or for use in, Russia of a range of goods and services as well as the provision of related ancillary services. This includes a range of goods that Russia has been found using on the battlefield.

Augmenting sanctions measures first introduced in 2014, the following Schedules to the Regulations have been updated:

  • 2A: critical-industry goods and critical-industry technology;
  • 2E: quantum computing and advanced materials goods and technology;
  • 3C (defence and security goods and defence and security technology);
  • 3E (G7 dependency and further goods); and
  • 3I (Russia’s vulnerable goods).

Firms should continue to remain up to date on UK sanctions developments to ensure that they comply with their sanctions obligations and seek licences where appropriate.

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