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The regulatory landscape continues to evolve placing increased regulatory pressure and demand on institutions to meet their KYC/CDD compliance obligations, often at significant cost.

Organisations are increasingly seeking out managed service solution providers and partners to access operational, regulatory and technical expertise, whilst looking to improve the overall customer experience and reduce costs.


Our KYC Managed Services supports our clients in addressing client on-boarding, ongoing / periodic reviews and remediation requirements for individuals and entities across the full client lifecycle. Our expert resources can augment and support existing customer review activity or we can provide a managed service that enables our clients to outsource KYC/ CDD activity.

In addition to our KYC services we offer Know-Your-Distributor (KYD) and Know Your-Intermediary (KYI) Managed Services to support on-boarding, ongoing / periodic reviews and remediation requirements for Financial Intermediaries, Product Distributors and other third parties across the full third party management lifecycle.

Our KYC Managed Services are augmented by our strong FCC advisory, tech, data analytics and transformation capability which enables us to provide the following:

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Our Services

  1. Advisory Support

    Offer expert advisory support to define riskbased programme or remediation strategies, including client file prioritisation.

  2. Transformation Support

    Deliver transformation support for designing, setting up and executing comprehensive programmes, covering governance, PMO framework, operational procedures, solution design, capacity planning and training

  3. Data Analytics

    To conduct population analysis and segmentation to inform your remediation and data strategy for the remediation programme.

  4. Onshore KYC resources

    Provide skilled onshore KYC resources in a resource augmentation model, with strong oversight, cost efficiency and a ‘get it right first time’ mindset.

  5. Technology

    Deploy our managed service and updated technology and data, allowing you to outsource all or selected components of the client lifecycle

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Our best-in-class team are committed to building a secure financial system, safeguarding society, and empowering our clients to meet their regulatory obligations. 

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Asad Choudhary


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Jesal Punjani

Senior Executive

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Mike Coates

Senior Executive

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Zubin Lee Kasture

Senior Executive

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Julie Sefton

Senior Manager

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Athan Georgopoulos

Senior Consultant

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Jessica Romero


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Evelina Tung

Team Lead

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James McAlister


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James Williams


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Marwah Shein


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Phillip Kelly


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Chidi Chukuma

Senior KYC Analyst

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Daniel Mak

Senior KYC Analyst

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Patrizia Cheung

Senior KYC Analyst

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Peter Xiouri

Senior KYC Analyst

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Sheli Leung

Senior KYC Analyst

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Kimberly Edosa

KYC Analyst

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Nicole Osula

KYC Analyst

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Therese Holth

KYC Analyst

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