FATF Ministers reiterated their dedication to combatting financial crime in the organisation’s latest Ministerial Declaration.

Ministers reaffirmed the support of FATF as the global standard-setter for preventing and combatting money laundering, terrorist financing and the financing of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

The Declaration recognises the strategic achievements of the Singapore Presidency, including:

  • Continuing to assist jurisdictions to strengthen their AML/CFT/CPF systems and identify areas requiring development;
  • Enhancing Standards on asset recovery, including improving jurisdictions’ toolkits to recover the proceeds of crime;
  • Reinforcing the international framework for the transparency of beneficial ownership of legal persons and arrangements; and
  • Implementing Standards to regulate virtual assets for AML/CFT/CPF as to prevent the misuse of virtual assets for criminal purposes.

The latest Ministerial Declaration can be read for information on the accomplishments and continued priorities of the FATF.


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