Diversity & Inclusion

I feel extremely proud that we are proactively committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive environment for all our colleagues to excel and maximise their skills and abilities. At Plenitude we use our difference to make a difference by acknowledging, celebrating, and empowering one another. We are very conscious that outside of Plenitude there are still many D&I issues that need to be addressed. Our D&I approach is firmly focused on ensuring we continue to provide an inclusive work environment and lead by example, which we hope contributes to the wider changes required in the industry. As with all businesses there is always room for improvement, and we continually seek feedback from the team through our annual D&I and staff survey which is a key input to our annual strategy refresh.

Alan Paterson, Managing Director & Partner

At Plenitude, diversity and inclusion are part of our DNA.  Together we work  and continue to build an inclusive culture that encourages, supports and celebrates the diverse voices of our employees, fuels our innovation and connects us closer to our clients.

Our People

Our people are the heartbeat of our firm. We pride ourselves on hiring and retaining industry experts from diverse backgrounds.

Our Culture

Culture is woven into the very thread of our work, by creating an environment where our people and clients are valued.

Our Clients

We believe our diverse and inclusive culture connects us closer to our clients, helping us to maintain trusting and long lasting relationships.

Our Brand

We have built our brand on the depth of our subject matter expertise, transformation capability, quality of our work, integrity and commitment to D&I.

It’s easy to think of diversity and inclusion as a mere buzz word if you’ve never witnessed it in actions. At Plenitude, it’s more than just a token ethnic hire, or senior female position, it’s about showing people that no matter what your background, you are welcome at here, your opinions are valid, and you can build a successful career with us. I think we can all agree that’s more powerful than just a buzz word.

– Josephine Otuagomah, Head of Diversity and Inclusion Council

One of my most important career priorities has always included working for a firm that are in alignment with my personal values. Having grown up in South Africa, I loved being surrounded by different cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds. When considering Plenitude as a potential employer, I was thrilled to hear that they not only had an active D&I Council, but that Plenitude embodied and celebrated their diverse group of employees. Since joining Plenitude, I am thrilled to be a part of the D&I Council and to contribute towards making a difference in inclusion and diversity within the organisation.

– Klara Belle Barnes, Consultant

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish”

– Michelle Obama

It’s been wonderful to see all the good work the D&I Council has done since it inception. I’ve particularly enjoyed our women’s events which brings together all the terrific female talent across the firm. These sessions have provided us an opportunity to share our unique perspective, experiences and cultivate a supportive environment where no topic is off limits. I look forward to more events and watching our people grow in their careers.

– Kelly Burgess, Senior Executive

At Plenitude we are committed to a diverse and inclusive culture where we want all our staff to thrive. Our supportive Women’s network enables women to collaborate at all levels of the company and helps women reach their potential, creating an environment to come together forming strong connections through shared experiences, stories, talks and mentoring.

– Barbara Patow, Senior Advisor