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Orel Tshilenge-Garcia

Orel is a Junior Consultant with over 2 years experience

Orel Tshilenge-Garcia

Junior Consultant

Orel has experience in overseeing regulatory developments and managing compliance requirements for financial institutions

Orel's experiences have enabled him to gain a developed expertise in monitoring financial crime compliance through closely scrutinising and identifying regulatory updates, covering the UK, US, EU, Hong Kong and more. Such analysis has proved fundamental in his roles involving the maintenance of client obligation registers, risk assessments, policy standard enhancements and regulatory gap analyses. On top of this, Orel’s continued contribution to Plenitude’s Regsight team has bolstered the understanding of specific FCC requirements, in which Financial institutions must comply.

Furthermore, Orel holds a First Class honours degree in BA History at the University of Kent, which has proved significant in establishing the critical thinking and research capabilties that are essential to the analytical aspect of financial crime consulting.