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Focus on Financial Crime Compliance Obligations Management

In a world of ever-increasing regulation and heightened regulatory scrutiny, demonstrating that a financial institution is working diligently to meet its legal and regulatory Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) obligations has become a commercial and social imperative.

Failing to meet FCC obligations significantly increases your organisation’s exposure to regulatory enforcement action, along with the cost of the associated fine, potential reputational damage, and impact to investor confidence.

Despite this exposure, many financial institutions either do not have in place a comprehensive Obligations Register or maintain a solution that adds complexity and unnecessary costs, and all too-often does not provide compliance teams with the assurance they need.


Financial Crime Compliance Obligations Register

Financial institutions are turning to Plenitude RegSight, an innovative cloud-based obligations management solution, which:

Enables quick and easy identification of specific legal and regulatory obligations across a multitude of sources, jurisdictions, compliance domains, and key topics, along with the corresponding regulatory and industry guidance.

Provides proactive horizon scanning and enables you to anticipate changes in relevant laws and regulations.

Enables rapid assessment between laws, regulations, and guidance and your organisation’s policies and procedures, to demonstrate lineage and to identify potential compliance gaps.

Plenitude RegSight is the simplest and most effective way to manage your Financial Crime Compliance obligations and provides assurance that your organisation is meeting these obligations, in a world of ever-increasing regulation and heightened regulatory scrutiny.


RegSight Online

Plenitude RegSight is the simplest and most effective way to manage your Financial Crime Compliance obligations and provides assurance that your organisation is meeting these obligations, in a world of ever increasing regulation and heightened regulatory scrutiny.

Comprehensive register of Financial Crime Compliance obligations covering all financial crime risk themes
(Anti-Money Laundering, Counter Terrorist Financing, Economic Sanctions, Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Prevention of Tax Evasion, Fraud and Market Abuse) covering the main jurisdictions most global financial institutions operate UK, EU, Germany, USA, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Powerful Search Functionality
Our register is categorised by jurisdiction and theme (e.g. Governance, KYC, Risk Assessment etc.) and is searchable for maximum flexibility, including the ability to identify, bookmark and track all applicable obligations. Core obligations are distilled from supporting text i.e. pre-amble, supplementary text and definitions to create a hierarchy of requirements which are easy to understand and implement.

Comprehensive mapping functionality for policy and standards by user type (1st and 2nd Line) in order to support self assessment and gap analysis. This provides a holistic view of your obligations management linked to your Policy Framework documents. Notifications are provided when we update core obligations in the register allowing you to easily pinpoint which Policy Framework documents need to be updated.

RegSight Benefits & Outcomes

Pinpoint and better understand current FCC obligations
With full visibility of all in-force international laws, regulations and guidance via our online tool.

Identify and effectively manage potential gaps in your Policy Framework
Our self-assessment tool allows you to quickly assess your existing policies and procedures against applicable obligations with powerful management information and reporting.

Proactively manage future FCC obligations more effectively
Our horizon scanning service means you are always on top of forthcoming changes and you will receive a monthly notification allowing you to plan ahead for the required changes.

Reduce costs and improved operational efficiency
The business case for deploying RegSight is compelling when compared to the cost of developing an Obligations Register and managing obligations internally, with cost savings typically in the region of 50-70%. Our monthly subscription fee also provides greater certainty around ongoing costs.

Secure and safe
Our solution is ISO9001 accredited for Quality Management and ISO27001 for Information Security giving you assurance around your obligations management, mitigating the risks associated with manual or sub-optimal solutions.

More effective financial crime risk management
More effective obligations management drives better risk management and ultimately risk mitigation outcomes, reducing your exposure to potential enforcement actions or fines.

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