Spotlight Series

Plenitude offers the opportunity for you to achieve rapid career progress and personal growth through engagements that build specialist skills and are of economic and social importance. Hear more about life at Plenitude from our talented team members.

Heidi Chung, Manager

How long have you worked at Plenitude? What do you do here?

I joined Plenitude as a Senior Consultant in 2018, and was promoted to Manager in late 2019. I now run engagements on risk assessments with several of our international banking clients.

How has your role changed since you’ve been at Plenitude? What have you learned?

I joined Plenitude after six years working with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), so my first projects were centered on building a register of relevant laws, regulations and guidance  our clients had to meet around financial crime.  My background meant I was familiar with the regulations, and how the regulator was looking to enforce them.  I also played a key part in developing RegSight, Plenitude’s online Obligations Register, providing subject matter expert advice on the analysis conducted to identify financial crime obligations. As I became more experienced and spent more time with stakeholders, the opportunity arose for me to manage these engagements more directly, and branch out into other areas like overall risk assessments for our clients.

What do you like about working at Plenitude?

The size of the firm really makes a difference.  Because we are such a close team, we get to work with senior directors from the outset, which means the feedback you get is immediate and very useful. At larger firms you would not get nearly as much exposure internally or externally.  At Plenitude I have had the opportunity to learn from our senior team as we engage with clients.

Working with clients directly is fascinating.  As a regulator, I was often seen as an outsider demanding things based on our authority.  As a consultant, you are a partner, bringing external perspective, helping clients see how they could do things differently, and convincing them to change processes and habits that may have been in place for years. These are challenges we have in every one of our projects.  Using the experience and expertise within Plenitude, we help the different stakeholders ask the correct questions to diagnose  problems, and arrive at solutions that are right for their firm to meet the ongoing regulatory obligations. I can help people understand the perspective of the regulators, not just the letter of the particular regulation, but the ways they would expect to see the industry addressing problems that demonstrate they understand the wider issues.

What’s your next step, or a few goals you’d like to accomplish in life or while with Plenitude?

I am beginning to work on a project relating to cross-border risks, which is an area that I am very interested in because it is so complex and multi-layered.  The cross-border nature adds additional complications to assessing the licensing risks, and I am getting to dive into the technical details.  I am lucky to work closely with Shahmeem Purdasy, our General Counsel, who is an expert in this field. It is great to still be learning every day, even after 10 years of focusing on financial crime.

What motivates you to wake up and go to work?

Working at a regulator and a consulting firm are quite different, but I am really satisfied with the consulting model.  I enjoy meeting new people and working with them to solve their problems.  Because things are project based there is a real sense of achievement when you have delivered a piece of work.  We can point to tangible results, and after diagnosing their problems, agreeing on solutions you can leave knowing you have left behind a solid framework for your clients to build on.

What are your hobbies outside work?

Even though I am married, I do spend a lot of time at weddings.  My husband is a photographer, so I get to tag along as his assistant and be part of the day. We love to travel, but like most people we have had to put those plans on hold during the pandemic.  When things do open up again, Iceland and Sweden are top on our list.   

I also love to bake, and as I am originally from Malaysia, I like to mix flavours in my creations.  I am particularly proud of my Matcha Swiss Roll, which I have perfected during lockdown


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