Annual Report for 2022-23 published by Public Sector Fraud Authority

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The Public Sector Fraud Authority (PSFA) has published its first Annual Report for 2022-23.

The report provides information on the PSFA’s activities and performance against its 2022/23 objectives.

The key achievements of the PSFA in the last year include:

  • £311m in audited counter fraud benefits delivered;
  • The announced partnership between the PSFA and Australian Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre;
  • The publication of the Government Counter Fraud Profession Strategy 2023-2025; and
  • The use of cutting edge analytics and technology to find and stop fraud, including £140m of potentially fraudulent payments in the Bounce Back Loans Scheme.

Firms can view the report to gain insights into the anti-fraud activities and objectives of the PSFA.

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