Managing for tomorrow

The financial services marketplace faces greater challenge than ever before with increasing demands from customers and regulators, and at a time of intensifying competition.

Increasing regulatory pressure and scrutiny, and managing in the multi-layered complexity of today’s banking landscape, requires a robust yet efficient compliance framework that delivers business value.

We believe in a positive approach to compliance, one in which meeting regulatory standards represents the starting point for implementing operational change that drives efficiency, improved customer service and competitive advantage.

We integrate with client organisations to develop the holistic view demanded by regulators and to implement systematic compliance programmes that reduce financial crime risk.

In helping clients meet the demands of today’s regulatory environment we seek to lay the foundations for the next generation of compliance for their businesses.

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Our focus is targeted firmly on client success – we recognise that this is the key measure our clients use to judge the value of our contribution. We concentrate on making a difference to everyone throughout the regulatory chain to ensure our solutions achieve the required impact and internal accountability – and deliver sustainable business benefit for the organisation as a whole.

With the regulatory landscape continuing to evolve at pace, financial services organisations face an increasing challenge to digest, interpret and act on the maze of compliance demands.

An important aspect of our role is to provide independent market insight on what’s coming down the line and to help clients understand its potential impact. We support clients in making better informed strategic decisions resulting in planned, pragmatic implementations that deliver tangible progress on financial crime reduction.

The breadth and depth of our consultants’ experience comes from working on some of the largest and most complex regulatory change programmes and financial crime initiatives in the industry. We research and monitor regulatory thinking and regulator action globally, whilst maintaining close contact with the regulators themselves to reinforce our understanding of their direction of travel.